About Us

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Hi!  We’re Matt, Deanna.  A few years ago, we developed a serious case of wanderlust.  So much in fact, that we’ve decided to sell our house along with all of our belongings, buy a boat and sail down to the Caribbean to live a simpler life.  Easy right?  One caveat to the plan: we don’t really know how to sail.  Somehow this does not deter us.  We know what you’re thinking.  We’re kinda crazy.  We agree.

Let’s give some background as to how we wound up with this crazy idea.

We met in college about 10 years ago and pretty much fell in love on our first date.  We know, lucky us.   This picture was taken right after Matt popped the question back in 2005.  Just two crazy kids in love ready to blindly conquer the world together.  Glad to say that we still feel the same.

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Since then we’ve worked hard to create a great life for ourselves.  We got married, traveled, bought a house, sold a house, bought another house, climbed up in our careers, had some pretty neat adventures and were well on our way to living the American Dream.

Now here’s where you may stop and say “Wait, what the heck is so bad about that?!”.

Well, it turns out while we were busy living, LIFE seemed to get away from us.  We were working so fast and furious, that we rarely had any down time.  We were a slave to our phones and emails.  Our precious weekends consisted of endless errands and to-do lists of things that we didn’t have time for during the week.  We were stressed out and had just barely scratched the surface of 30. Isn’t the goal of life to work hard for as long as you can until that glorious day when you retire and can finally stop and enjoy the fruit of your labor? Isn’t that the American Dream? Um… we don’t think so.

Cue up the (slightly later) Quarter Age Crisis.

So, during a bottle of wine one night, and inspired after reading about another couple who had done it (Bumfuzzle), we hatched this haphazard plan to get out of the Rat Race and to simplify our lives.  The next day we dismissed it as as crazy talk, continued on with our lives and vowed to drink more responsibly from then on.  However, the seed was planted, and we couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of  living a very different life.  We decided to entertain the idea once more, and after working thru some details, we realized that we actually could make it happen.  It involves completely changing our lifestyle and doing things that may lie far outside of our current comfort zone.  We’ll have to work hard to make our lives easy – sort of ironic, right?

So, sorry friends, we’ll no longer be able to chat about the latest season of Sons of Anarchy once we drop cable, and eventually TV all together.  We’ll need to somehow limit ourselves to 1 or 2 choices of salad dressing instead of the 6 currently occupying our fridge.  Matt will figure out how to depend less on Dominos pizza and Deanna will have to end her addiction to the Target home department.  There will be sacrifices to be made by all.

But we’re up for the challenge.  We found our boat, a ’99 Lagoon 410, sailed her up from NC to Annapolis – our first real sailing experience ever! – and have begun our adventure living aboard, with plans to head south to the Caribbean this fall.

It’s a different kind of life, that’s for sure! Our gross lack of knowledge about boats, sailing and the marina lifestyle will become glaringly obvious.  Life will become an adventure again, and that’s exactly why we chose to embark on this journey.

Because after all, life should be about living, right?

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